Surveyor Training Day - January 6, 2021

​9:30-9:45 EST

Introduction - ABYC President John Adey

9:45-10:45 EST

Corrosion theory and practice  (Mike Bonicker, ABYC)

The cause of marine-corrosion issues can often be difficult to identify. Join ABYC Lead Instructor, Mike Bonicker, for a look at the science behind why it occurs, some common types in the marine industry and some of the ways we attempt to mitigate it.

BREAK - 30 minutes (Optional: bonus micro-course)

11:15- 12:15 EST

How to utilize the ABYC Standards when surveying older boats  (Derek Rhymes, All Boat & Yacht Inspections)

BREAK - 45 minutes

1:00-1:45​ EST

How to make your survey reports defensible in court through the application of ABYC Standards

(Christina Paul, K&L Gates, LLP)

BREAK - 45 minutes (Optional: bonus micro-courses)

​2:30-3:30 EST

Surveying electrical systems - A/C batteries, wiring, ignition systems  (Ed Sherman, ABYC)

Sweat the small stuff! Proper Electrical system surveys should go beyond the obvious. A/C, batteries, wiring, ignition systems

BREAK - 45 minutes (Optional: bonus micro-course)

4:00 - 5:00 EST

Writing survey reports utilizing and citing ABYC Standards  (Ray Toth, Swiftsure Vessel Solutions)

Technician Training Day - January 7, 2021

​9:30-9:45 EST

Introduction - ABYC President John Adey

​9:45-10:45 EST

DC Systems - Analysis and Tools (Mike Bonicker, ABYC)

Whether you are surveying a vessel for a client or inspecting a boat’s DC electrical system for a customer, there are some key components and installation details to look for. ABYC Lead Instructor, Mike Bonicker, presents some of the most important Standards-compliance topics relative to DC systems on boats, as well as diagnostic tools that can be used for testing and troubleshooting purposes

BREAK - 30 minutes (Optional: bonus micro-course)

11:15-12:15 EST

AC Systems - Analysis and tools  (Ed Sherman, ABYC)


Electrical troubleshooting methods and techniques

BREAK - 45 minutes

1:00-1:45 EST

Legal issues of marine insurance - Right and liabilities of owners and marine techs  (Chris Buck, Esq.)


Navigating the potentially dangerous waters of boat repair (A case study) loss, investigation, repair, the actual work and post-investigation.   

BREAK - 45 minutes (Optional: bonus micro-course)

2:30 - 3:30 EST

CZONE training  (Gloria Borrego, Power Products)


CZONE is a digital control and monitoring system consisting of electronic devices communicating on a network It replaces the old analog system of complicated wiring needed to monitor and control all devices found on today’s boats.

BREAK - 30 minutes

4:00 - 5:00 EST

Fast output charging (Chris Witzgall, Balmar)

DC Genset replacement, batteries, alternators, and 48 V charging systems

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